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What are others saying about Rocco Morelli? 

I want you to know how much I – along with the rest of the Prison Fellowship team – have appreciated your faithful service to this ministry.  Your contributions in service, experience and wisdom are greatly appreciated.

- Chuck Colson
Prison Fellowship Ministries

Thank you for coming to the Boot Camp and sharing with the boys.  Several made decisions for Christ and the impact you had on their lives is eternal!  We are grateful for your willingness to give of yourself to the kids.  Thanks so much!

- Greg Rounds
Youth for Christ

Rocco has a dynamic message. With great joy I have witnessed the growth of Rocco Morelli Ministries International.  I encourage pastors and churches everywhere to support Rocco in taking the love and hope of Christ to the lost.

- Pastor Terry Howell
Living Water Fellowship

Rocco is an immediate impact everywhere he speaks.  His message is inspiring as well as motivating.  He is truly an asset to any event.

- Melvin Adams
Former Harlem Globetrotter

Rocco’s compelling testimony goes beyond the façade of hardness that we see so often. As I listened to his story I was amazed at the power of God in his life.  I am honored to know Rocco Morelli.

- Clark Bartram
Professional Athlete and  Bodybuilder

Rocco has demonstrated a genuine calling from God to prisoners and other hurting and addicted people.  He has a dynamic testimony of God’s saving grace, which he shares under a powerful anointing of God’s Spirit and compassion.

- Jeff Park
Former C.O.P.E. Director
Forest Hills Church

Having known Rocco Morelli since the year of 1995, I am pleased to say that I have witnessed Rocco as a dedicated minister of the gospel with the church fellowship of Full Gospel Assemblies International.  Rocco has displayed quality spiritual leadership in the forming and pastorship of church ministry.

- Dr. AnnaMae Strauser
Full Gospel Assemblies

I have ministered with Rocco in various prisons here in the states plus in England.  In any and all services he has conducted himself in a manner that gives glory and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ for the change in his life.  I believe that he along with his testimony would be a blessing to anyone who is incarcerated and encourage them that they can make it in society just as he and many others have done with the help of Jesus.

- Rev. Jesse E. Mathes
Jesus Is The Way Prison Ministry

Rocco Morelli, has been my dear friend since 1987 at which time I had the honor to lead him to Jesus Christ shortly before he was incarcerated. During incarceration I visited him. Upon parole, Rocco helped out on the Prayer Line Phones – praying with many hurting souls, knowing that God was able to answer their prayers as well as his.  He also did many visits for Our Prison Ministry to The Pittsburgh County Jail.  Rocco Morelli is a dedicated individual who has much to offer to those in chains.

- Steve Totin
Cornerstone Television

I have observed the reaction of both prison officials and inmates when Rocco speaks.  Both receive words of hope, encouragement, and a way of forgiveness.  This can only be shown through Rocco, because he has found the answer first-hand and now is able to pass it on.

- Phyllis Cappalonga
Prison Fellowship Ministries



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